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Phone: 562-863-0614 or 562-363-5316
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Pastoral Staff  
Local Elder Jerome Smith E-mail
Church Personnel  
Assist. Treasurer: Manual Henriquez E-mail
Clerk: Arlene Scott E-mail
Assitant Clerk: Irene Linares E-mail
Elder: Jerome Smith E-mail
Head Deacon: Eric Ocker  
Head Deaconess:  Susuky Flores  
Social Committee Leader: 
Card Ministry:   
Prayer Ministry:    
Health Ministry: Lito Moran E-mail
Men's Ministry:  
Women Ministry:  
Pathfinders: Christian and Brenda Salazar
Adventurers: E-mail
Audio:  Larry Miller
Video\Visual:  Lito Moran E-mail
Web Team:  Lito Moran and Will Baron E-mail

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