Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy
Evangelistic Series:

The conflict between Islam and Christianity is found in prophecy. This is a free seminar series that lasts 10 evenings, about an hour each night. The study itself will lead you through one of the most amazing of the Bible's prophecies. Daniel 11:2 to 12:4 is a chronological prophecy that is not yet complete, describing some very dramatic events that will soon occur.

Join Pastor Tim Roosenberg as he examines "Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy", Friday, March 30 at 7:30 PM. This seminar carefully explores and unlocks the mysterious book of Daniel, specifically chapter 11, unveiling a thrilling picture of prophecy that includes the past, present, and future roles of Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and the United States in the final conflict ahead. Along the way, Pastor Roosenberg provides the answers you need to survive the coming holy war, answers that will give you complete confidence in God’s Word and faith in the promises of Jesus Christ.

All who desire to learn about this prophecy are welcome to attend this seminar. It does not matter what church, faith group (or no faith group) you may connect with. You will be welcome at this seminar.

There is a free supper (soup and sandwich) at 6:30 PM before the seminar. If you miss a session, it is repeated the next day at 5:30 PM, before supper.

Please sign up so we can prepare your supplies and dinner. We promise not to share your information.

See the flyer here.

Great news for parents. Your children are invited to attend a FREE child care service while the evangelistic series is going on. In this class called "Heaven-to-Heaven", the children will be doing crafts and learning of the many Bible stories. You can relax and learn about Bible prophecy while your children are safe and having fun.